Mother's Helpers, Chicago: Northwest Suburbs, Illinois

Real Babysitters. Real Easy.

Established near Boston in 1961, Mother's Helpers is Chicago's professional babysitting service, offering the finest talent to meet your babysitting needs.

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Mother's Helpers, Denver, Colorado

Mother's Helpers

Chicago: Northwest Suburbs
Babysitting & Babysitters





$12/hr and up (based on the number of children).


Major holidays are charged at time-and-a-half.


Mother's Helpers

$14/hr and up (based on the number of children).


Overnight Care

$150/24 hours and up (based on the number of children).


Additional hours are charged at the hourly rate for Babysitting or Mother's Helper Service.



$20.00 / hour and up (based on number of children)


One sitter for every five children.


Visiting Children

$2.00 / hour per child


& Mileage

Any transportation of children provided by the sitter will be charged at $0.50 per mile. There is no charge if the sitter uses the customer's vehicle.


Annual Placement Fee


$50.00 fee valid for 1 year.


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