Mother's Helpers, Chicago: Northwest Suburbs, Illinois

Real Babysitters. Real Easy.

Established near Boston in 1961, Mother's Helpers is Chicago's professional babysitting service, offering the finest talent to meet your babysitting needs.

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Mother's Helpers

Chicago: Northwest Suburbs
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The Process

As a client of Mother's Helpers, you will have access to all of our services – through a single phone call or email.


When you need a sitter:

  • Simply call or email us with the date, time, and other details.
  • We'll determine which of our sitters will best meet your needs.
  • We'll call you to confirm your sitter and other important details.


How to get started:

  • Contact us via email at or by phone at 847.202.9100 to request more information and an easy, one-page placement form.
  • Simply return your placement form with your one-time fee and call us anytime you need a sitter.



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